Are you tired of fighting with your children to “get off of the computer and go out and play” ?


Are you concerned that your children are not getting the necessary amount of physical activity?

Then you need Vivo.

We can connect to your young gamer’s favorite online computer game. From time to time, they will be prompted by the game to perform physical activities in order to get gold coins, advance to the next stage or whatever else they are trying to accomplish in the game. In this manner they receive instant gratification when they see that their physical activity helps their game hero to succeed. Soon they will get used to, and even enjoy, 20-30 minutes of physical activity a day. Together, we are teaching them good habits of daily physical activity.

So rather than fighting with them to stop playing, or attempting to force them to be active (which never works), let’s allow them to continue to play the game that they love, but inspire them to become physically active.

Truly a win-win solution; for the young gamer it’s an adventure, for you – healthier children.