Our Technology

Our technology

We at Go Vivo have developed a patented wearable technology which enables us to merge the creative world of computer games with the real world of physical activities – merging the digital with the physical.

How we do it?

By using a number of proximity sensors embedded into any device we chose, for example – a bracelet, a hilt of a sword, skipping rope, etc. Our technology records a gamer’s movements, the change in body temperature and the quantity of perspiration generated; we then translate this data into game points. We have the unique ability to be able to interface to any online computer game on the market today. The gamer can continue playing the game which they love and will receive instant gratification when they see that their physical activity helped their game hero to succeed.

As one young girl that participated in our focus group said “this is so cool, it’s like I can continue playing the game offline, away from my computer”.

Why we do it?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported (2012) that 1 of every 3 children is either overweight or obese. The report went on to state that one of the major contributors to child obesity and other life threatening illnesses is the lack of physical activity.

Our goal is to inspire young gamers to be more active without demanding that they stop playing their favorite computer games. It takes only 30 minutes of daily physical activity (CDC 2013) to combat obesity. We have the opportunity to teach young gamers good habits of daily physical activity. In this way they will become used to, and even excited about, exercising 10, 20, 30 minutes a day and this will make a world of change to them, their family, and to society as a whole.