RPG & VW Computer Games

Better Game Experience

One of our goals is to work together with you to create an enhanced game experience for those playing your game.
Gamers become emotionally invested to the alter egos they create in the role playing games (RPG), especially Live Action Role Playing (LARP), Virtual World and MMOW games. They need constant new adventures which challenge their abilities.
We can implement our wearable technology into any game suitable carrier; a wristband, the hilt of a sword or the handles of a skipping rope to match the adventure which you offer the gamer.

For examplegovivo-12

The gamer wears the real world RPG band or carries the warrior’s sword, while exercising. The game designer decides how the movements values (running, jumping, playing) translate into the game.

The gamers’ stamina or strength in the game can increase according to the amount of real life physical activity he performs. (You can never have too much stamina)

Possible new feature of friends with benefits, offline activities can help his online buddies complete the mission . . . be part of the raid even when you can’t join in online.

Integration is extremely simple

We supply you with a copypaste API and also include a SDK for advanced features.

In addition to enhancing your players’ experience, your company gets added benefits from working with us.
Over the past years gaming companies, especially those designing games for the under 18 market, have been criticized for contributing to children being overweight or obese. When your game is “Vivo enabled” you will reduce the parental resistance to having their children play your game. You will be also improving your company’s image by joining the fight against child obesity

Need more reasons?

Well, when working with us as a B2B customer, you will be opening up a new and extremely lucrative profit center.